What is everest?

Imagine you can get rid of all the hassle of employing a sales team, or you don’t quite have the money to expand to a new area. How about you just want to sell more and need a refined and qualified sales team to lead the way or maybe you need to boost sales for a short-term period.

This is what Everest is – A proactive, motivated, ready-to-go sales team that want to sell your product today!

Sales Agency

We sell so you don’t have to – Everest are your partners in business.

Purchasing Agents

Source quality products for the right price using our network of contacts.

Market Research

Want to head to a new market but not sure if your product will sell?

Ethical Standards

Our team follows Everest’s high ethical standards at all times. We are your ambassadors.

Dynamic Pricing

Pricing to suit almost any business, from start-up to global brands.


Detailed factory and warehouse inspections. Make sure your new supplier can deliver.

The real Cost of Sales


Of the entire US Work Force is Sales


Of Salespeople Produce 80% of the Sales


An Average Company Loses up to 30% of it's clients yearly

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”

Seth Godin

Increase Sales

Have a great product or service but can’t find the right sales staff and markets. Partnering with Everest opens the door to 100,000’s potential customers overnight. Using skilled, ethical Salespeople and the latest technology, we bring your product to the right people.

Decrease Costs

The average general sales role costs €79,167 per year Excl any employee bonuses (Pension, Company Care, Credit Card, Travel.etc) and then 80% of the Sales are closed by 20% of the Sales team.

Expand To New Areas

Approaching market saturation in your current area? Lack the staff for a bigger team? Want to approach new markets? 

Partnering with Everest offers you the best chance of success when approaching new markets. With trained sales staff ready to sell your products today.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

George Bernard Shaw

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